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Faculty Led Winter and Summer Programs

 Maymester 2020:  WGS 166/HIS 165 Documenting US Women’s History: US and British Suffrage Movements – research the history of the women’s suffrage movement in London!



Students will learn women’s history by reading, researching, and analyzing the primary resources of important events and movements. Utilizing primary documents from the London School of Economics Women’s Library, as well as other sources, students will understand the motivation, impact, and long-term ramifications of women’s history.

This section of the course examines the relationships between the US Suffrage Movement and the British Suffrage Movement. In the early 20th century the US women’s suffrage movement took a more radical and aggressive turn as young leaders, such as Alice Paul and Lucy Burns, came to prominence in the movement.  These young women learned these tactics from their experiences as protégés of the leaders of the English movement, the Pankhursts. This course will allow students to explore the ideological and logistical roots of the US Suffrage Movement by studying the English Suffrage Movement. Learning experiences will focus on classroom lectures/discussions, museum exhibits, visits to historical sites of importance to the movement, and archival research.