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Graduate Certificate

Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Gender Studies offers an advanced program of study grounded in contemporary issues and current scholarship. The Gender Studies program is designed to serve students who are preparing for further graduate study, students who are preparing for professional careers, and students who are already working professionals.

The program can be completed on its own or combined with the Masters programs in English or Counseling. A Graduate Bulletin and application can be obtained online from the Graduate Studies website: Students already enrolled in either Masters program can add the Gender Certificate by picking up an application to “Add/Remove Graduate Certificate Endorsement” at the Records and Registration office in Green Hall.

Five courses are required: two core courses and three electives.

Core requirements

Students have three options for covering the core requirements.

Option A

Students take both of the following courses:

WGST 510 Feminist Theories
WGST 520 Gender Equity in the Classroom

Option B

Students take either WGST 510 or WGST 520 and one WGST 670 Topics course.

Option C

Students who have taken Feminist Theories as undergraduates and have either taken Gender Equity in the Classroom as undergraduates or are not preparing for careers in education may take two different WGST 670 Topics courses.


Students choose three additional courses. Students enrolled in the Gender Studies certificate alone choose among additional WGST 670 courses, ENGL courses that are approved for the program, or COUN 560 Counseling Girls and Women and COUN 561 Counseling Boys and Men.

Students in the English graduate program choose three ENGL courses that have Gender as a central category of analysis.

Students in Counselor Education Master’s programs take COUN 560 Counseling Girls and Women, COUN 561 Counseling Boys and Men, and COUN 698 Department Project in Counseling (with an individualized project focused on gender and/or sexuality).

2017-18 Courses

WGST 510 Feminist Theories – Offered Fall and Spring.

WGST 520 Gender Equity in the Classroom – Offered Fall and Spring.

WGST 670 Topics in Gender Studies – offered Fall and Spring by special arrangement.

The following courses can be taken as WGS 670 courses. See course descriptions at To arrange to take one of these courses as a graduate course, contact the WGSS chair, Janet Gray

Fall 2017

WGS 330 Gender and Public Policy: Advocacy and Activism
WGS 344 Transgender Studies
WGS 365 Black Feminist Thought
WGS 374 Ecofeminism
WGS 377 Gender Politics of Development

Spring 2018

WGS 321 Gender and Disability: Literary Perspectives
WGS 326 Feminist Methodologies
WGS 335 Caribbean Women Writers
WGS 341 Queer Literature
WGS 361 African American Women’s History

English Graduate Courses

Fall 2017: see for course descriptions.

ENGL 670-03 Queer YA Literature
ENGL 505 Literary Theory

Spring 2018: see for course descriptions.

ENGL 505 Literary Theory

ENGL 652 American Realism & Naturalism