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WGSS Summer Session 2019 Courses

Session 1 (May 28-June 14)

WGS 165/HIS 196  The Gendered History of Food (faculty-led study abroad) – Professor Nicolosi

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WGS 220-01 Gender and Popular Culture (online) – Professor Adair

WGS 225-01 Gender in Children’s Literature (online) – Professor Kurtz

WGS 241-01 Introduction to Sexuality Studies (online) – Professor Jaksch

Session 2 (June 17-July 18)

WGS 166/HIS 165-01 Documenting U.S. Women’s History (online) – Professor Nicolosi

        WGS 200-01 Intro to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (online) – Professor Rossie

WGS 220-02 Gender and Pop Culture (online) – Professor Kurtz

        WGS 235-01 Gender and Violence (online) – Professor Jaksch

Session 3 (July 22-August 22)

WGS 166/HIS 165-02 Documenting U.S. Women’s History (online) – Professor Nicolosi

WGS 252/AAS 252-01 Gender, Race, and Cultural Production (online) – Professor Adair