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Affiliated Faculty

Name Email Department(s)
Dr. Rachel Adler Sociology & Anthropology
Dr. Anita Allyn* Art
Dr. Adriana Rosman-Askot Modern Languages
Dr. Juda Bennett English
Dr. Susan Boughn Nursing
Dr. Jo Carney* English
Dr. Celia Chazelle* History
Dr. Alvin Figueroa Modern Languages
Dr. Jean Graham English
Dr. Jo-Ann Gross* History
Dr. Mark Kiselica Education/Vice Provost
Dr. Michele Naples* Economics
Dr. Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle English
Dr. Cynthia Paces* History
Dr. Melinda Roberts* Philosophy
Dr. Michael Robertson English
Dr. Susan Ryan Communication Studies
Dr. Michele Tarter English
Dr. Deborah Thompson Education


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