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TCNJ Climate Fest 2020

Taking Action through Online Learning:  WGSS Students Come Through

Faced with the need to move community engagement projects online, students in Ecofeminism and the WILL/WGSS Activism Capstone built websites and mounted social media campaigns that could have a more widespread and enduring impact than the in-person events they had originally planned.

Students in Ecofeminism created ClimateFest, a multifaceted celebration of the 50th Earth Day, with input from the Earth Day Task Force headed by Michael Dixon, VP of

Facilities Management.  At, you’ll find the winners of an art competition, tips on living sustainably, a fundraiser for tree-planting, and an ongoing Sustainability Pledge where you can check off new habits to cultivate to help Earth.  ClimateFest will serve as an inspiration for further sustainability action next year.

The capstone students formed a mental health activism collective and created Protecting the Pride at  Offering help in anxious times, their website promotes awareness and destigmatization of mental illness, compiles resources on campus and elsewhere, highlights challenges related to the COVID-19 epidemic, and offers guidance about how to mount a similar campaign.  Please share this resource widely!


Art by Mia Cammarata