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2014 Winter Session in New Orleans

African American Women’s History & Global Women Writers in New Orleans


The Women’s and Gender Studies Department will offer two courses taught in New Orleans for the winter session.  Students will be in New Orleans from January 4-January 18.  Before leaving for New Orleans, students will spend January 2-3 working on course assignments on campus in NJ.

Information about the trip can be found at TCNJ’s Center for Global Engagement’s website:



African American Women’s History WGS361/HIS365/AAS376: Professor Ann Marie Nicolosi

Satisfies Social Changes in Historical Perspective, Gender, Race and Ethnicity Requirements

In this course we will combine classroom instruction with archival research to explore the experiences of African American women in the New Orleans area specifically and in the South generally. New Orleans provides a unique perspective to study African American Women’s history as it was the location of both free and slave communities. In addition to classroom and archival work, we will explore the worlds of African American women with experiences such as plantation, museum and city tours.

Global Women Writers WGS376/LIT316: Professor Mary Lynn Hopps

Satisfies Literary, Visual and Performing Arts, Gender and Global Requirements

In this course we will examine the literary expression of global women writers as a means of interrogating the roles of women as colonial and post-colonial subjects through the lens of feminist and post-colonial theory. Primarily we will focus on the stories of enslaved women and les femmes de couleur libres,on the lives and conditions of those transported from Haiti and Africa. We will conduct research in the archives at Tulane University and visit sites in and around New Orleans that reflect the convergence of multiple cultures.